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Repatriation to the Netherlands

If your loved one has died abroad, we will help you to ensure that repatriation to the Netherlands takes place quickly, respectfully and in accordance with all regulations. Thanks to our experience since 1979, we are ready to serve you all over the world and in the Netherlands.

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Contact us if you want to have more information about repatriation to the Netherlands.

Repatriation summarisedRepatriëring door de lucht


The definition of repatriation is “returning foreign people to their home country”. If your loved one has died during a holiday, work or internship abroad, we also refer to returning to the Netherlands as repatriation.

How log does a repatriation take?

That depends on the country of death and the way of death. You will understand that a police investigation takes longer than a natural death. On average you can count on five working days.

Do not negotiate with local parties yourself

It is possible that you will get into contact with local parties, such as funeral directors and repatriator. We recommend that you NEVER sign or sign contracts yourself. This can be very detrimental for you (you can be tied to an expensive contract) and you often get nothing reimbursed. Van der Heden-I.R.U. represents your interests in all cases and directs optimal repatriation from the Netherlands.

Want to know more?

Follow the step-by-step plan or read more about the costs of repatriation.

Step-by-step plan for repatriation to the NetherlandsStappenplan repatriëring

  1. Are you insured?
    • If so, contact the emergency center of your travel insurance and, in some cases, the health insurance as soon as possible after death.
    • If not, or if this is not known, please contact us to arrange repatriation to the Netherlands. If you still appear to be insured, we will arrange this with the relevant alarm center who then takes over the assignment.
    • By the way, this also applies to funeral directors.
  2. We arrange for you a local funeral director who takes care of your deceased loved one.
  3. Repatriation involves all kinds of formalities, such as contact with the embassy, ​​a laissez-passer, an extract from the death register, a medical statement and if needed a release for transport. We arrange all these matters for you in the relevant country.
  4. In some countries an autopsy is done on the deceased as standard. Sometimes this is only the case with a non-natural death. If so, this may have an effect on how long repatriation lasts, but it is not necessary. We will of course keep you informed.
  5. The body is often embalmed for transport, especially when repatriated by plane. Read more about embalming.
  6. Up to 1500 km we do the (cooled) funeral transport by car. For all countries outside that radius we provide repatriation by plane to our mortuary at Schiphol. Of course we take care of all customs formalities for you.
  7. Upon arrival in the Netherlands we bring your deceased loved one to the funeral director that you have chosen yourself.

Costs of repatriation to the NetherlandsKosten repatriëring

Repatriation from neighboring countries in Europe costs around € 1,500 to around € 5,000. The costs usually increase as the distance increases. Repatriations that cost more than € 10,000 are not common, but the costs depend on the country of death and the circumstances of the death. In most cases these costs are covered by the travel insurance and / or health insurance.

The amounts mentioned are indicative, you can therefore not derive any rights from it. You will always receive a quotation from us in advance. This includes the costs for the formalities and for the work of local entrepreneurs. Once you have paid, you are assured of our service.

We do everything we can to repatriate your loved one to the Netherlands as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that you are not bothered too much during your grieving process.

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